Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Traffic

It’s no surprise or doubt that Google Adsense is the number 1 contextual advertising program available online. You can find several people earning thousands, some even lakhs of dollars using just the Google ads on their blogs. The main reason behind their success is that they follow Adsense guidelines & tips strictly. But, there are few people who neglect the Adsense ToS unknowingly and get banned from using Google Adsense permanently.

Best Alternative to Google Adsense

This is where the Adsense alternatives come into play. Webmasters search for an alternative to Google Adsense mainly for two reasons.

  • Banned from Google Adsense network (or)
  • To earn additional income besides Adsense earnings.

Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Traffic

All the below listed Adsense alternatives are based on my personal experience as well a few inputs from experienced publishers/bloggers. These sites have paid somewhat closer to what Adsense used to pay but remember that they cannot replace Google Ads.

  1. Clicksor: The first and the best alternative to Adsense I prefer is Clicksor. You can easily get approved by Clicksor. They offer several advertising options/formats like In-line text ads, contextual ads (banner/text), pop-up ads etc. Clicksor offers upto 60% revenue share. It is mainly suitable for entertainment blogs. The pop-up ads of Clicksor seem annoying but they pay higher than most of the Adsense alternatives.
    • Payment Procedure: You can opt for payments via checks or Paypal and the minimum payout is $50. They pay on a bi-weekly schedule.
  2. Infolinks: They’re specialized in in-text advertising. What infolinks actually does is it indexes your webpage for keywords and phrases which are not currently linked to any URL and then converts those words into advertising formats. And the good thing about Infolinks is that you can use them to compliment your other advertising programs like Google Adsense. Infolinks is offering 70% revenue share to the publishers and the ads are more relevant to your readers. It is best suitable for content rich blogs as well as entertainment blogs.
    • Payment: You can get paid through PayPal, bank wire transfer and more.
  3. Chitika: It’s a leading advertising company with 1000’s of brand advertisers and merchants. Best suitable for Indian traffic. They look similar to Google Adsense but are not contextual ads. So, you can safely use them along with Google Adsense on your blogs.
    • Payment Procedure: Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and $50 by check.
  4. Luminate: The first advertising program for Images. Ads are displayed when the user hovers his mouse over the images. The keywords used in the alt and the description wrapped around the image will be used by Luminate to display related advertisements. Best suitable for image or photo blogs as well as regular tech blogs.
    • Payment: Minimum payment is $10 and you can get it through PayPal or via standard check.
  5. Kontera: It is somewhat similar to Infolinks. Kontera displays relevant in-text ads that double-underline the keywords on your website. These are best suited for content rich blogs.
    • Payment: Minimum payout is $50 and you can receive payments through PayPal, wire transfer and check.

Based on my experience, all these 5 advertising networks are the best alternatives to Adsense for India traffic. If you know of any other good Adsense alternative that pays high for Indian publishers, please do let us know.

Have you been looking for these Adsense alternatives only because you didn’t get approved by Adsense? Then you’d probably apply after a few days? Right? If so, better blog on high paid niches and ensure those niches are allowed by Adsense.

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90 Comments to “Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Traffic”

  1. Techwarlock says:

    Direct Advertisment Can Also Be A Good Alternative To Adsense..
    Yahoo Advertisement is avaliable for india or not yet ?
    Techwarlock recently posted..Know How To Develop A Simple Android ApplicationMy Profile

    • Yahoo Publisher network is not available as of now…Coming to the direct advertisements, BuySellAds can deal with the advertisers without you having to involve in the talks. It’s the best option if you’re not able to deal with the advertisers directly..

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for including us on this list. I wanted to add that not only are we a great AdSense alternative, but we’re also a fantastic AdSense complement if you’re looking to boost your revenue even higher. And don’t forget, we have many different ad products!

    Happy blogging,
    Pamela 🙂

  3. Narender says:

    Radha bro may you please tell me about Buy Sell ads in details ?
    I am tired of Adsense tris but not getting approved .My site have only indian traffic.Its only one month old but getting daily 400-600 visitors and 80% of them comes threw Google.So plz tell me the real Alternate of Adsense.
    Narender recently posted..How to provide good impression during an interviewMy Profile

    • They mostly accept websites having Alexa under 1L and good social readership i.e.,websites should have decent fans on Facebook, Twitter and others…Other than that there is no other reason a website would get rejected. And of-course, it should be a self-hosted website and not a sub-domain like or

      Try to improve your Facebook & Twitter fans + Alexa Rank. You’ll sure get an approval. All the best.

  4. Ravi Kishore says:

    Thanks for the list…I’m using CPM fun and it is paying pretty good for india traffic..

  5. hey thanks for post its help me for my site
    thank a lot and keep writing

  6. ritu says:

    I have started blogging and i am following your blog and learn much more things please keep on updating .
    Thank you very much
    ritu recently posted..Rangoli – Rangoli DesignMy Profile

  7. Santosh Mishra says:

    These ad networks are great but I don’t think that all these comparable to Adsense. Google Adsense is different than others.

    • Yes, you’re right. No ad network can be compared to Google Adsense. But, this list is the compilation of best alternatives to adsense for blogs having huge indian visitors. These ad networks pay good compared to other networks.

  8. I signed up with luminate. You should also include bidvertiser.

  9. […] Although, it’s not a complete replacement to Adsense, its way too better than the other Adsense alternatives out […]

  10. neeraj joshi says: cost per view network missing in this blog. I believe is one of the best network which small publishers like most because of low payment which is only $5 and they pay daily on request and network is reliable and they accept all international traffic.

  11. […] If you’re reading this post, then I’m sure you know at least something about Google Adsense and how it helps people to earn money online. But, most of the people get their Adsense accounts banned for not following the Adsense TOS policies. Google bans Adsense accounts mainly due to malicious action such as unusual click activity, copyright/piracy issues and content that is not liked by Google. Recommended Read: Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Blogs […]

  12. yusuf says:

    they are all not complete alternative but yet good
    yusuf recently posted..Heroine Movie Review:Xerox copy of “Fashion”My Profile

  13. I also used pop up advertisments but faced a huge drop in my blog. So i will suggest people to refrain from using them

  14. Neeraj says:

    Hello Radha Krishna…I am looking to get approval from Cliksor,may i knw wht is the minimum requirement 2 get approved??i have come across different opinions,frm pro. bloggers…1- Even if u start ur blog 2day itself,u can get approved!! 2- Your Blog Should have minimum 5000 Page view per day!! ….kindly clarify

    • ClickSor approval depends on different criteria. Sometimes blogs with tech/health niche gets approved eventhough their age is less and entertainment or piracy sites with lakhs of impressions doesn’t get approved. So, if your blog is into a niche other than downloads and with decent traffic (1000-2000 pv’s per day is enough), then it will be approved by Clicksor for sure.

  15. eswar says:

    Its just awesome to have the opportunity for reading this post…nice tips..
    eswar recently posted..Teaching Jobs in Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda 2012My Profile

  16. yusuf says:

    hi Radha
    it is because of your recommendation i am using clicksor in my entertainment blog and it’s really very cool ad network.
    Million thanks to you.

  17. […] Google Adsense is #1 in the online advertising space to earn money through blogs. There are several alternatives to Google Adsense which may not replace Adsense but can be counted-in for adding additional income to your pocket and […]

  18. suresh says:

    Hi Radhakrishna. Does these adsence alternatives work for indian publishers also. I am finding hard for such alternatives….
    suresh recently posted..6 reasons to invest in debt mutual fundsMy Profile

  19. Hi Radha Krishna,
    I am agree with you, and from my personal point of view, Chitika and infolinks are the best for Indian traffic.For image based website, lumutate is the best program.
    Great post, Thanks for sharing!!
    Bhavesh Sondagar recently posted..App 2 SD – Install All Apps On SD Card On Your Android DeviceMy Profile

  20. sachin says:

    clicksor require 50% us,canada visitors.
    Is suitable for 100% indian traffic.

  21. sachin says:

    which is better for indian traffic?

  22. Web Locker says:

    Web Locker recently posted..Improve Alexa Ranking-In just one weekMy Profile

  23. Gthm says:

    You made a mistake. Chitika doesn’t suits to indian traffic. It needs traffic from us and cannada. Its worst if one has indian traffic. Best otherwise.

    • We’re using it on our ET blog where the main traffic is from India and its doing fine (of-course not pretty good though). One can try to for sure as an adsense alternative in india.

  24. Gthm says:

    It seems that clicksor is not saying well. Low rates. Just google “clicksor did not payment” and see the results.

  25. Mukesh Dutta says:

    Hi, as you have put Clicksor in first place, can I assume this is the best among all of them?

  26. Bhavik says:

    I think Bidvertiser is best alternative it pay me more then 35$ and Chitika(silver) pay me around 75$ per month… try this both… both are best
    Bhavik recently gprs trick december 2012, free working gprs trick with proxyMy Profile

  27. A1Sudoku says:

    Thanks for this information. I was looking for advertisement for my website A1Sudoku

  28. mike says:

    thanks for sharing..big help for my website

  29. Dave Erin says:

    Great list. I’m happy to see so many people looking for alternative methods of monitizing their websites. Being dependent on only one company for your entire income is not a great idea.
    Dave Erin recently posted..CPM Advertising MeaningMy Profile

  30. Akshat says:

    Chitika is the best among them and pays good but only if you have good search engine traffic from US and Canada

  31. anurag says:

    I work with my relative(Prem Prakash) and I want to share my story how Ozone Media, Bengaluru cheated us of our ad money. We signed up in around Nov, 2011 and started showing ads of them using their Zedo network. We were in contact with Anusha, Harish, Anjana and Shravan PS.

    We showed ads till Sept-Oct, 2012 but they paid only for 4 months but only after asking it for 100 times! They made the second payment when I removed all their ads from our sites. Shravan tried to convince me to continue the ads. From their behaviour I could clearly smell foul play. I knew they will never pay again. So I removed the ads.

    They have a very nice tactis I think – not to pay small publishers. They will delay your payment like anything. Even if they agree, the next date of payment will be last week of next month! Then also payment will not come!

    Just beware of this Anjana which is a central fixed piece in this trickery. I’m sure there are plenty more in the boat.

    There is at least two complaints I’ve found on internet, one is from shankarpublisher from who did not get his money even after 1 year.

    Let us form a group and file complaint in the regulatory authorities together.

    Just call me at 9837443482 (rag rag gupta … gmail dot com)

  32. teddy says:

    Thanks for posting Google adsense Alternative. The post is very helpful to me
    teddy recently posted..Flipkart Affiliate program | Best Paying Affiliate program in India for website | Popular Affiliate Marketing Program in indiaMy Profile

  33. tarun says:

    i have found some more alternative for google adsense
    tarun recently posted..Explain “Leadership”.My Profile

  34. Shruti says:


    You mentioned Bidvertiser is not suitable for Indian blogs, can you share why?

    I was reading some other blog posts on the same topic and they seem to like the network a lot.

    Shruti recently posted..5 Destinations in India to Holiday with KidsMy Profile

  35. Sourish says:

    Hello.. Its really a very helpful an informative post.. I have tried infolinks personally and getting a good response.. They have approved my account within 3 days .. but still my adsense account is not approved.. So i will recommend infolinks and clicksor..

    thanks .. happy blogging
    Sourish —

  36. Maddy says:

    Can i use clicksor with adsense?

  37. Sandy says:

    I have tried Clicksor for the career website , but its not doing well for me…. is there any other Alternative that give me good return. Still i am waiting for my adsense approval.
    Sandy recently posted..[Full-time] QA Professionals, Microsoft .NET Professionals, PHP Professionals,Web & Graphics designers, Mobile a at SmartData Enterprises (India) Ltd.My Profile

  38. asharudheen says:

    I have a blog of entertinment with movie details,mp3 songs,etc
    I have 4000 or more pv and 1000+ uv per day

    Adsense,chitika,infolinks are not approved me
    And i also tried yllixmedia,bidvertiser,edomz,cpm fun,
    But they are pay very low that is .3 or .2 dollars for 4000 pv per day
    Have you any suggesion to me
    Or any other networks

  39. venkat says:

    hi thank you for the information after reading your blog i kept infolinks in my blog can i put another advertiser or not 🙂

  40. Droidhub says:

    Thank you very much, i am using infolinks now 🙂
    Droidhub recently posted..RAGE OF GLADIATORS APK+DATAMy Profile

  41. Thanks a lot for this alternatives, now I’m trying Chitika !!
    bengeek, Inspiration recently do you get paid from Google AdSense in IndiaMy Profile

  42. Zahid says:

    i was looking for an adsense alternative, read a lot about it but still confused. Thanks a lot for your straight forward tips. Will surely try one of your recommended ad platform.

  43. venkat says:

    hi can you please visit my blog and inform me whats wrong inmy blog because most of them not approving me.please help me my blog

  44. Ravindra says:

    Hi, perfect info. It seems you have done lots of research in this field, as visible from your replies to comments. I have a niche site related to rental property search in particular city. I am getting 150 uunique visitors every day. Which option would be most profitable for me?

  45. asharudheen says:

    After reading many reviews i think edomz is good and i also using its popup advt
    Pop up advt make any trouble in search result ? ?
    And how to get edomz banner advertising ??
    Please replay

  46. sameer says:

    Thank you for “Best Adsense Alternatives for Indian Traffic” i try for adsense from last year but still not get adsense account,so i start using infolinks and chitika on my blog.You also give another option so once again thanks.Also i recently herded about but it need US and UK traffic.

  47. Vikas Paul says:

    Clicksor pays for Indian traffic or US mostly ?
    Vikas Paul recently posted..How to connect Gmail with Official mailMy Profile

  48. Adhi says:

    Hi bro,

    I am running a blog mainly for the purpose Jobs and infos and am from India. Which adsense I can use. Currently I am using clicksor.
    The above is my blog’s link, If you find time kindly help me 🙂

  49. Kimsea says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am interest about Inforlinks because my I just received an email from Google. Guest what about…
    Kimsea recently posted..Increase Blog value Backlinks with 5 Secret TipsMy Profile

  50. Robin says:

    Infolinks is ok, clicksor not that good.
    I would suggest you to add madadsmedia.
    Robin recently posted..Cupid PLC Affiliate Review – Dating CPA NetworkMy Profile

  51. Jemmy says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for sharing these lists . But I have doubt on clicksor and infolinks. According to me If someone is running Entertainment website then he must give a try to following ads. Here are some more alternatives of google adsense :

    1. (Pay per visit Program-Paying on visits)
    3. (PPI)

  52. bro i am posting quotes and shayari in my blog so plz plz tell me which publisher will be best.
    almost visitors from India.
    Rishi Raj @quotes recently posted..A Loving Heart Wants Time Attention Importance | Love SmsMy Profile

  53. bro now finally i got the approval from adsense.
    yours tips really awsm
    but bro my cpc & ctc both are low.
    i am getting almost traffic from india but from couple of days i got the click from US and SA but still my CPC rate in just few cents.
    i am really fed up bro please give me your views.
    rishi @Quotes Shayari recently posted..True Saying Quote – Sometime we need to forgetMy Profile

    • The main drawback of Adsense is it has less advertisers from India and so you’ll be getting very less for Indian traffic (ofcourse, much better than the alternatives..). I’ve seen your blog and here are a few suggested changes in the ad placement.

      1.Replace the 300×250 ad with a 336×280 ad unit.
      2. Bring the link ad to the top (place it below the menu bar)

      Wait for atleast 1 week after making the changes and see the results.

      All the best 🙂

  54. I am really fed up with adsense, now I’ll surely try the above mentioned sites, thanks for the post and the comments.

  55. Intexmo says:

    Traffic from us canada uk will surely help you to earn more from chitika.
    Also in some case google chrome does not show chitika ads.

  56. deepa says:

    I used the quadabra ads but not much traffic or any sign of ad money. I will sign up for the ad services you mentioned here. Thanks. It is very funny that I make money when I write for websites but none in my own, maybe I am not much of a tech person and a nil in marketing :p

  57. Samir says:

    Hi Radha krishna,
    Thanks a lot for your valuable post.I get lot of information from this and i am trying with Chitika for now.Also i am looking for more information from your site. Nice informative article..
    And thanks for spreading such good information to newbies like me.

  58. Neil says:

    i own a blog and before getting approval from adsense tried infolinks. Not a single penny was generated even though i had organic traffic of around 400-500 daily. Rest the list seems fine and well researched. Good Job !

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