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About Me

Hi Friends, this is Radha Krishna, the author of 9to5Blogger. I don’t call myself an entrepreneur as I am not yet a full-time blogger.

I’m 25 years old and I’m working on Web Analytics for one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in India. I did my Masters PG in Computer Science from Andhra University. Although, I started Blogging 5 years back, I used to work only part-time on my blogs and I still manage to earn few thousand dollars each month by serving third-party advertisements on my blogs and also through affiliate marketing.

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My Other Blogs

  • TeChZeNe – It’s a technology blog that covers topics related to computers, internet and how-to guides.
  • Dr.HealthTips – You can find the useful health tips for good health, beauty tips, body fitness guides, Yoga techniques, healthy recipes & lot more.
  • And several other micro-niche blogs which I can’t list out here.

About 9to5Blogger:

Every blogger’s sole dream would be to become a full-time blogger at some or the other point of time. Full-time job requires you to work from 9AM till 5PM (most cases) and the same dedication is required for a blogger. He should choose a proper work schedule or else he’d end up with having several health related problems. This idea made me to name this blog as “9to5 Blogger”, a blogger who works from 9AM till 5PM i.e., full-time on his blogs.

At 9to5 Blogger, I write articles mostly on Blogger Tips, WordPress Guides, SEO Tips and Webmaster Tutorials. Although these articles have been covered by many bloggers out there on their blogs, I try to write them in-depth and in simple English, so that a blogger having no technical knowledge can easily understand.

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Update [Sep 5, 2012]: I’m now a Full-time Blogger.