Bluehost Cyber Monday Sale 2013: $0.99/mo & FREE Domain

Bluehost is byfar the best shared hosting service I’ve ever used. I’ve been using the Bluehost servers for the past 5 years and till date I have not encountered any issues with either their hosting or the support. You can read my genuine Bluehost review here where I’ve written everything in detail.

Bluehost normally offers unlimited shared hosting plans at $6.95 per month basis. However, that price could be reduced to $4.95 per month if you book it for a 3 year term. However, using the special discount codes, you can get the same 3 year Bluehost hosting plan at $3.95 per month which is almost 50% OFF on the regular price.

Bluehost Cyber Monday Sale 2013

Lucky for those who’re looking to purchase a shared hosting server which is great in terms of service and support. On this Cyber Monday, Bluehost hosting will be available for only $0.99 per month along with a FREE domain name of your choice.
Bluehost Cyber Monday Discount Sale

How to Grab the Bluehost Cyber Monday Offer?

As this is a one day sale, you’ll have to visit the Bluehost site on December 2, 2013 (12:01am-11:59pm MST) i.e., 12.30 PM on December 2nd in India (IST). You can use the time converter to know your local timings.

  1. Visit this special link on December 2nd.
  2. Click on ‘Sign up now’ button.
  3. Next, enter a domain name of your choice (It is FREE! Choose any name of your choice which is available).
  4. Then, provide the account details, package you’d like to opt for and billing information. It is recommended to go for longer period to save more money on hosting.
  5. Pay the hosting fee and you’re done.

That’s all! You’ll now get your cPanel login details to your mail address. Once you logged in, you can install WordPress on your Bluehost server and start Blogging.

Don’t forget to share how much you’ve saved on your Bluehost purchase during the Cyber Monday sale. Happy Savings 🙂

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